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so while everyone is shitting themselves over angel theories and sadness I’m over here debating whether or not dean’s trying to hide a boner when he sees cas all cleaned up


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Possible Ways For Destiel to Be Canon - Sam wants the best for his brother.

what season and ep? i’m so unaware of this.


Bobby’s favourite idjits


This is making news. We’re being heard.

But the comments on the article are, as usual, horrible (accusing us of being delusional, crazy, etc.).

If you guys could please go offer some words of support, that would be GRAND. If nothing else, please “like” the good comments to get them to the top.

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SPN | 09x09 - Holy Terror: Human!Cas 

This has got to be the scene that perfectly summarizes what i’m feeling right now. 

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VanCon 2012 (x)

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Reblog if you’re insecure with how you look.

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